The Process

The Recycling Process

ReCellOne, a trusted leader in business-to-business buybacks of Cell phones, Laptops and Tablets.

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Once all equipment is safely packed at your facility, contact us to schedule a free pick up. No label is required. Our courier will bring a label and leave you with a tracking receipt. Once your equipment has landed at our facility, you'll receive an email letting you know we are starting the process.


Confidentiality is first. Long before your cell phones, laptops or tablets are given an extended second life, we make certain to ensure all information is removed. All corporate, proprietary and personal information on handsets and devices including contacts, text messages, pictures, web and recent history is “scrubbed” using the most up to date software; restoring equipment to original factory settings. Equipment that is defective but may or may not power on, is destroyed, rendering it useless and recycled in accordance with EPA guidelines. Once this process has been completed, your company will receive a confirmation letter or Certificate of Data Destruction upon completion via e-mail.


Within hours of “scrubbing” or erasing all information from your devices, ReCellOne begins the long process of evaluating the phones for second life use. We extend the useful life of your hardware in several ways including retail marketing, wholesale re-distribution and charitable donation. Equipment with no second life purpose is still recycled. We forward this material to a bulk scrap facility for recycling that meets all EPA guidelines.


ReCellOne processes thousands of cell phones, laptops and tablets every month. The entire process from the moment we get your equipment until the day we send your company a check is 30 calendar days or less. First, we’ll notify you by email and send a purchase order detailing each item with the amount we will pay for that item. Those items that have no market value due to age or condition are paid out as a bulk item and not detailed. Once we receive an approval from you or your company representative, a check goes out that same day.

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